For the Love of the Paper

UART Premium Pastel Paper was developed to fulfill the demands of exigent artists, regardless of their preferred medium. The moment you put pastel or pencil to our paper for the first time, you’ll immediately notice the difference between UART and the paper you’ve been using. The quality, uniformity and tooth of our sanded paper provides the base for your creative journey, and its gripping grade ensures the portrait, landscape or abstract you create will live on well past the moment you set down your pastel or pencil.

UART is very proud to have so many talented artists using our paper today. See why artists choose UART over other media.

“As a working professional artist, I have made UART Premium Sanded Paper my first choice for all my commissions, gallery paintings, and workshop demonstrations alike. Utterly consistent, wonderfully receptive and very durable, this surface is excellent for all types of underpainting techniques as well as dry pastel application. I trust UART to support my art and carry my signature.”

— Alain J. Picard


“My style demands the best paper on the market. UART Pastel Paper is that paper. I’ve been using it exclusively for about 4 years. I personally use the 400 grit because it holds many layers of pastel without giving out. I begin with an underpainting using Mineral Spirits – it dries quickly and flat. I will underpaint 10 to 20 sheets at one time, with no plan as to what will be painted on it. I’ll use 2, 3, or 4 colors in my underpainting – resulting in a very abstract image. I am then ready to go in with bold stokes, building layer by layer. I let a lot of the underpainting show through, giving the painting an immediate harmony. I’ve used several papers over the years, including Canson and LaCarte, but when I found UART it gave me all the qualities my work demands: durability, liquid resistant, consistent surface, variety of grits, lots of sizes. The image included here is a demo I did this last summer – using analogous colors. You can see the pink/red underpainting showing through in many places – creating a dynamic painting.”

— Jennifer Evenhus

“I have been using UART paper for 99% of my work the past 5 years.  Every time I start a new painting, it’s like revisiting an old friend.  The feeling of swiping a pastel over the fresh, untouched surface is tough to beat.  And the paper is always consistent.  I’ve never had an issue with odd surface texture or patterning that I’ve experienced with other papers.  I can’t recommend this paper enough.”

— Jacob Aguiar

“Uart sanded paper is my first choice for pastel.  I appreciate the consistent quality. I feel that it’s important to use the best product possible in order to obtain the best results! There are enough things to worry about in every painting not to have to worry about my materials as well. With the Uart sanded paper, I always know what I’m starting with!”

Stephanie Birdsall

“I’m a creature of habit. I am not interested in reinventing the wheel, and time management is essential when painting for multiple galleries, shows and working plein air at a moments notice. I rely on the consistent high quality, even surface of UART Pastel Sanded Paper for every painting I do today. From my plein air studies to paintings destined for a Museum show, UART provides a re-workable and forgiving surface. I am able to under-paint with Turpenoid and denatured alcohol or paint directly onto the sanded ground without worrying about the surface lifting or buckling. I will dry mount the paper to acid free foam core or gator board, and have literally taken my garden hose nozzle set it to JET and sprayed entire paintings off the surface in order to reuse the paper with great results. Thank you UNEEDA for creating such a great product for artists to use!”

— Kim Lordier

“I love the Uart range of sanded pastel papers as they offer me the widest range of surfaces available.  Although i do love coloured supports, whenever I want to make up my own colour underpainting, I use Uart, and there’s still plenty of tooth left to grip the pastels, whether i use acrylic, oil or watercolours for my base colour. I use the entire range, from smoothest to roughest depending on the subject I am painting – a great product!!”

— Margaret Evans

“UART is my “go-to” pastel paper… I recommend it for all my workshops and I use it myself for both plein air and studio work. I love that I have a choice of grits (I’m a big fan of the 320!). The quality is always consistent and it’s versatile enough that it can handle anything you want to do with it.”

— Lyn Asselta

“Having worked with a number of pastel surfaces over the years, UART has risen to the top of my list. While I tend to work with the 400 & 500 grit the others make it an exceptionally versatile surface. It accepts the underpainting washes that I apply and the soft ocher is a wonderful color base to work with.”

— Terri Ford

“UART pastel paper is so versatile. I appreciate the different grits which allow for creative variations, depending on my subject matter. I also like to paint on it using different techniques and mediums before applying pastel layers. I recommend UART paper to all my students.”

— Sally Strand

When I first heard about UART paper I was excited, especially when I found out Uneeda was producing an 800 grade. The second I touched pencil to paper I knew this was the surface I’d been looking for. It was perfect and an absolute delight to work on.

Linda Lucas Hardy


I Love UART! The surface is perfectly uniform, it takes all wet forms of underpaintings including alcohol washes, watercolor, water, oil washes, it is easily toned, it dries completely flat, and it performs perfectly with every brand of pastel. I also love the fact it comes in several grits. It is a perfect surface for soft pastels!

Paula Ann Ford