We would like to thank everyone who participated in our 2016 Online Show and congratulate all the artists below who made it into our accepted pieces! Winners will be announced July 7th, 2016 so stay tuned!

Kate Bergquist – “Hillside Bramble”

Kate Bergquist – “Standing Together”

Karen Berning – “Used Freight”

Barbara Berry – “Stan at Sunrise”

Barbara Berry – “my rose”

Sarah  Blumenschein- “Sunflowers and Morning Glories”

Brenda Boylan – “Lefturn Lane”

Sandra Burshell – “Red Banquette”

Cris Chapin- “Shadow Road”

Mary Chaplin – “Peaceful morning”

Patti Christensen Woodard – “If Irises Grew on Trees”

Patricia Cink – “Jetty Surge”

Bre Crowell – “Redhead Dreams”

Maryneil Dance – “Peek-A-Boo”

Keith Demanche – “Infinity and Beyond”

Lyn Diefenbach – “Emma-San”

Lyn Diefenbach – “Radiant Poise”

Debra Eiswald  – “Logan Outside”

Jennifer Evenhus – “Spirit Tide”

Jennifer Evenhus- “Marsh Melody”

Gail Faber- “Cat Therapy”

Frederick Fielding- “pouring the heat”

Sarah Fielding-Ricci- “Columbine”

Terri Ford- “Desert Blues”

Anne Gee – “Summer Cows”

Anita Gladstone – “Reaching Into the Fog”

Susan Goodmundson – “Deciding what to do”

Vishni Gopwani – “Shepherd”

Jeri Greenberg – “Life Is Fragile”

Kathy Hildebrandt – “A Boys Life”

Kim Hill- “Water Lily Dance”

Katherine Irish – “Morning Grace”

Karen Israel- “Spectacles”

Randye Jensen- “Rock Faces”

Jung Johnson – “Beach to Myself”

Sandra Kavanaugh – “On the Rocks”

Pat Kirby – “Shoreline”

Rebecca Koeppen – “kitchen intersections”

Rebecca Koeppen – “sometimes the little ones hold up the big ones”

Cindy Kopenhafer – “West Coast Tree”

Cindy Kopenhafer – “Rushing”

Susan Kuznitsky – “Once Upon a Time”

Susan Kuznitsky – “Namaste”

Christine Labich- “Winter Evening Cadence”

Deborah LaFogg – “Sophie”

Mitzi Lai – “At The Park”

Anna Lisa Leal- “Breakfast: Saguaro Side Up”

Bev Lee – “Hot Tea”

Tai Meng Lim- “Light, Steam And Shadow”

Kim Lordier – “Hushed”

Kim Lordier – “Gossamer Coat”

Yael Maimon – “The Salmon Meal”

Yael Maimon – “Breakfast on the Wall”

Karen Margulis – “The Evening Show”

Frances Marino- “Yellow Mountain”

Maria Marino- “Mears Marina-Eastport”

Jory Mason- “In the Reeds”

Elaine Monnig – “Harbor Glow”

Maryann Mullett- “Avocado Sunset”

Maryann Mullett- “Chaos”

Linda Mutti – “Coastal Haze”

Deanna Nash – “Otis”

Frances Nichols – “June Gloom in Malibu”

Karole Nicholson – “Moo”

Linda Nielsen – “Marsh Moon”

Nancy Nowak – “Morning Has Broken”

Nancy Nowak – “Ablaze”

Ronnie Offen- “New Best Friends”

Sara Oseasohn – “Cuban Doorways”

Paula Pearl – “Just Ducky”

Judy Perry – “Glow”

Laura Pollak – “WINTER’S GLOW”

Olya Powzaniuk – “Lavender Farm Morning Tour”

Deborah Quinn-Munson – “The Way She Moves”

Deborah Quinn-Munson – “Heads or Tails”

Mike Ray – “Joe’s Silo”

Maxene Raymond – “Tools of the Trade 2”

Dennis Rhoades – “Rhythmic Shadows”

Harvey Rogosin – “Rock n Roll….Dim the Lights”

LaVel Rude – “Cereal for Breakfast”

Diane Sawyer – “Safe Harbor”

Janet Schwartz – “135 Turnoff”

Janet Schwartz – “Fusion”

Kathleen Secrest- “Watch the Branches Sway”

Peter Seltzer- “Inquire Within”

Jeanne Rosier-Smith – “Breakthrough”

Jeanne Rosier-Smith – “From the Rocks, Jamestown”

Kahne Smith – “Uphill Battle on Beartooth Mountains”

Kahne Smith – “Winter’s Ballad”

Wendy Soliday- “Oblivious to the ominous clouds”

Jeannette Stutzman – “Looking Up”

Mary Lynn Sullivan – “Red Pajamas”

Jeanne Tangney – “Buddha with Begonias”

Katrina Thorstensen – “Evening Refuge”

Christine Troyer – “Autumn Concerto”

Douglas Tweddale- “Window at Arches National park”

Cecilia Watson – “Bird watching”

Sarah Watts- “Ngorongoro Dawn”

Michele Wells – “Evening Light”


Marlene Wiedenbaum – “Rock Hill Morning Mist V”