We would like to thank everyone who participated in our 2017 Online Pastel Show and congratulate all the artists below who made it into our accepted pieces! Winners will be announced June 27, 2017 so stay tuned!

Jacob Aguiar- “March Thaw”

Willo Balfrey- “A Touch of Spring”

Gary Baughman- “Euharlee Covered Bridge”

Lee Bialczak- “Mc Donald Creek”

Ann Bishop McGregor- “The Road to Lenora’s”

Christine Bowman- “Morning Glow”

Kris Buck- “Spring is Here”

Sandra Burshell- “What Could Have Been”

Edgar Carabio- “Weekend Treat”

Gina Carstens- “In the mirror”

Sherri Cassell- “Dreaming of Spring”

Cris Chapin- “Coyne Creek Road”

Tom Christopher- “Morning Glow”

Marcie Cohen- “Quiet River Study”

Roberta Condon- “The Light Bounces Off”

Neil Condron- “Sophie’s sink bath”

Lynda Conley- “Springtime, Lakeside”

Linda Coulter- “The Red Barn”

Cynthia Crimmin- “After the Storm”

Bre Crowell- “Caledonia#2”

Linda Dellandre- “Morning’s Grasses”

Elaine Despins- “Madeline”

Jane Ditri- “Good Harbor View”

Anne Emerson- “Still Morning”

Linda Evans- “Mountain Glow”

Renee Faure- “of these leaves, well understood”

Bethany Fields- “Off the Trail”

Elinor Freedman- “Sway”

Amy Gamble- “Pretty in Pink”

Alejandra Gos- “Catching the Last Light”

Mary Kay Gwinn- “Age Spots”

Carol Hall- “Ranch Road”

Kathy Hildebrandt- “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”

Marcia Holmes- “Fig Leaves Fall in Tuscany”

Katherine Irish- “Floating on Air”

Mike Ishikawa- “Point San Vicente”

Barbara Jaenicke- “Faded Glory”

Orcet Jean François- “Last Glares”

Dave Kaphammer- “Pond Fishing”

Catherine Kauffman- “Very Organic Apple Pie Filling”

Elizabeth Kenyon- “Extraterrestrial Eggplants”

Susan Klabak- “Snow Covered Lane”

Cindy Kopenhafer- “Missouri River Breaks”

Cosette Kosiba- “Standing on the Edge”

LaDonna Kruger- “Effluence”

Susan Kuznitsky- “Waiting”

Mitzi Lai- “Lake Side House”

Gigi Horr Liverant- “Route 2, Westbound”


Michelle Lucking- “Hear Me Roar”

Yael Maimon- “Two Cats On a Cold Day”

Karen Margulis- “Under the Setting Sun”

Maria Marino- “The Brandywine”

Jory Mason- “Lucent Pods”

Kathleen McDonnell- “Morning Walk”

Mary McInnis- “Lord of All Horses”

Lee McVey- “Backlit Chamisa”

Nancie King Mertz- “Balboa Park”

Jacqueline Meyerson- “Locked Up”

Eve Miller- “Wild Lavender”

Maryann Mullett- “Still Life with Eggplant”

Linda Mutti- “Silver Haze”

Tatiana Myers- “Golden Glow”

Jean Myers- “Surf and Succulents”

Kathleen Newman- “Sunday At Lula’s Café”

Barbara Benedetti Newton- “Petite Gift”

Frances Nichols- “Desert Vista”

Karole Nicholson- “Light Play”

Nancy Nowak- “Nature’s Glory”

Ronnie Offen- “Zoo BarBeQue”

Marla Parnell- “Lost Solemates”

Judy Perry- “Breakthrough”

Michele Poirier-Mozzone- “Intentions”

Maxene Raymond- “Reach for he Sky”

Judy Richardson- “A Story Untold”

LaVel Rude- “True Colors”

Brian Sauerland- “Stepping Stones”

Glinda Schafer- “Grayton Beach III”

Joycelyn Schedler- “Flower Power”

Janet Schwartz- “Night Lights”

Ruthe Sholler- “Banyon Tree on 12th Avenue”

Jeanne Rosier Smith- “Celebration”

Maureen Spinale- “Between Earth and Sky”

Janice St Marie- “A Bit of Blue”

Doreen StJohn- “January Thaw at the Beaver Marsh”

Greg Stone- “Storm’s Brewing”

Barbara Stone- “In Spirit”

Mary Lynn Sullivan- “At Ease”

Vianna Szabo- “Portrait in Red and Green”

Amy Szwaya- “The Incredible Lightness of Spring”

Janet Thompson- “DOUBLE EXPOSURE”

Katrina Thorstensen- “Evening Solace”

Virginia Unseld- “Radiance”

Dug Waggoner- “Garrapata”

Jill Stefani Wagner- “Picacho”

Anna Wainright- “In the Distance”

Takeyce Walter- “Spring Clearing”

Jan Weaver- “Yellowstone Marsh”

Marlene Wiedenbaum- “Rock Hill Tree in Mist”

Dennis Young- “Od Town Hanoi”