We would like to thank everyone who participated in our 2018 Online Pastel Show and congratulate all the artists below who made it into our accepted pieces! Winners will be announced July 10th, 2018 so stay tuned!

Lana Ballot – “Sunset Filigree”

Barbara Berry – “Violet Robe”

Ann Bishop McGregor – “Agate Beach”

Christine Bowman – “Autumn Trees”

Edgar Carabio – “Piccola Italia”

Lucy Cobos – “Field Dog”

Roberta Condon – “Reprise An Echo Through the Boughs”

Lynda Conley – “Sunday Morning”

Maria D’Angelo – “Bailarina Sevillana”

Robert Dietz – “End of Day”

Kathy Dolan – “50 Shades of Summer”

Julia Dubinina – “Dressage Horse”

Julia Dubinina – “Mare”

Patricia Duncan – “In a New Light”

Susan Ellis- “Red Crate”

Jennifer Evenhus – “A Deep Breath”

Jennifer Evenhus- “Blewett Meadow”

Jennifer Evenhus- “Silenced Thought”

Jennifer Evenhus- “Turning Tamarack”

Frederick Fielding- “Field of Gold”

Terri Ford – “Sunlit Trees”

Cynthia Fox- “Midtown Moment”

Robin Frisella – “Prosperity & Beauty”

Robin Frisella – “Triplets”

Robin Frisella- “Polished”

Robin Frisella- “Everyday Joys”

Irene Georgopoulou- “Love Boat”

Cheri Ginsburg – “Women Of Zimbabwe”

Alejandra Gos – “Reach for the Sky”

Jeri Greenberg- “Effervescence”

Jeri Greenberg – “What’s It Say?”

Ann Guidera-Matey – “Autumn River”

Cameron Hampton – “Coiffed”

Cameron Hampton – “50/50 Portrait”

Karen Henneck – “Afternoon On the Prairie”

Dennis Hicks – “Sunlight’s Last Stand”

Kathy Hildebrandt – “Blast From the Past”

Kathy Hildebrandt – “The Vice of Life”

Marcia Holmes – “GiGi – Giverny Garden”

Marcia Holmes- “Abstract Water Lily II”

Catherine Howe – “Crushing on Half Moon Bay”

Katherine Irish – “Silent Resolution”

Katherine Irish- “Twilight Blaze”

Mike Ishikawa – “Night Life”

Mike Ishikawa- “Winter is Here”

Karen Israel – “The Secret Society”

Christine Ivers – “Primary Colors Mexico”


Deb Jenkins – “African Matriarch”

Randye Jensen – “A Moment’s Breath”

Randye Jensen – “Embellished”

Betsy Kellum – “Bartlett Pears On Crate”

Betsy Kellum – “The Three Rs”

Betsy Kellum – “Skate At Your Own Risk”

Susan Klinger – “Suburban Sunrise”

Susan Kuznitsky – “Hill Tribe Mother and Child”

Gigi Horr Lliverant – “Winter Commute”

Yael Maimon – “Closer”

Francois Malnati – “Temptation”

Francois Malnati- “Forks”

Francois Malnati- “Glasses”

Francois Malnati- “Paul Revere’s Bowl and Forks”

Jory Mason – “Grand Dane”

Jory Mason – “Sunset on Little Duck Pond”

Nancie King Mertz – “Open Table”

Nancie King Mertz – “Waiting On Wabash”

Jacqueline Meyerson – “Derailed”

Jacqueline Meyerson – “Olive View”

Jacqueline Meyerson – “Purple Onions”

Karen Miura – “OutLaw”

Maryann Mullett – “Crisp”

Renee Mullis – “One for Two”

Lisa Nugent – “Golden Landing”

Mary Ann Pals – “Elegance”

Sharon Pomales – “Early Rise”

Clarence Porter – “Walk in Cootes Paradise IX”

Denise Presnell – “Evergreen Reflection I”

Carole Rodrigue – “Dr Venkman”

Linda Roemisch – “Ever Changing”

Harvey Rogosin – “McDougal Street”

Brian Sauerland – “Jilly”

Brian Sauerland – “Awakening”

Brian Seltzer – “Breakthrough!”

Peter Seltzer – “Much Ado About Nothing”

Gail Sibley – “Summer Sanctuary”

Lynn Simon – “Dad did you watch me?”

Greg Stone – “Tulsa in Grey”

Anne Strutz – “Bunker”

Otto Sturcke – “To Love and Light”

Otto Sturcke – “The Hard Truth”

Jude Tolar – “Oklahoma Autumn Poetry”

Patricia Tribastone – “Eucalytus and Apples”

Patricia Tribastone – “Pink Ladies”

Jill Stefani Wagner- “The Bund Home”

Liz Wall – “That Girl”

Robert Weinblatt – “The Blue Slide”

Melissa West – “Lake Shimmer”

Marlene Wiedenbaum – “Rock Hill East Meadow Sunrise”

Marlene Wiedenbaum – “Rock Hill Morning Mist IV”

Beth Williams – “Escape”