2-Day UART Workshop with Hilarie Couture: “All About the Figure

Location: University of Saint Francis – Rolland Art Center, Fort Wayne, IN
Date: Friday May 19th – Saturday May 20th 2023
Time:  9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Instructor: Hilarie Couture
Medium: Pastels
Skill level: Beginner to advanced
Number of Workshop Days: 2
Price: $275.00

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Join Hilarie Couture for a UART 2-day pastel workshop, where we will explore the art of creating lifelike expressive portraits and figures using pastels on UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper. This workshop is designed for artists of all levels, from beginners to advanced, who want to improve their skills in drawing the human form.

In this workshop, we will focus on three key elements of creating a realistic figure: structure, value and temperature. By understanding these elements and how they work together, we can create portraits and figures that look alive and dynamic. It is all about seeing shape and how light wraps around the form.

Day 1: We will begin by studying the structure of the head as a voluminous form. We will find key placement for different positions, planes and anatomy and learn about the features in an in-depth study; from observation of the Asaro head, and the skull and then you will translate that knowledge to a photo of a portrait that you bring.

Day 2: We will be working on the figure as a whole, through gesture and form and explore the concept of value, or the range of light and dark in a drawing. We will learn to use different tones to create contrast and depth stressing shapes and not detail.

Finally, we will explore the use of temperature, or the warmth or coolness of different colors. By understanding how we use warm and cool colors to create contrast and balance, we can create lifelike skin tones and other elements of the human form. You will work from observation of a live model in the afternoon.

The format is lecture, demo and all will paint in the afternoon. You will have exercises on the first day and a completed portrait from your photo. The second day you will work with the live model and paint form observation. We will also have plenty of time for individual feedback and critique.

Whether you are new to pastels or an experienced artist looking to improve your skills, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to explore the art of figure drawing in a supportive and creative environment.

Come join us and discover the beauty and power of pastels on UART Sanded Paper!

About the artist: https://hcouturearts.com/about