3-Day UART Workshop with Susan Kuznitsky: “Painting the Autumn Colors in Pastel”

Location: Central Art, Medford, OR
Date: Friday November 4, Saturday – November 6 2022
Time: Friday November 4th 9:30 am – 4:00 pm, Saturday November 5th 9:30 am – 4:00 pm, Sunday November 6th 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Instructor: Susan Kuznitsky
Medium: Pastels
Skill level: Beginner to advanced
Number of Workshop Days: 3
Price: $375.00

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Pastels are a wonderful medium for capturing the colors of Autumn.

Follow Susan’s step-by-step approach from the underpainting to the finished piece. Several different underpainting techniques will be demonstrated along with plenty of individual attention at the easel. Learn how make good choices on composition and color when working from a photo reference to create powerful, emotional pastel paintings. All the lessons on color and value will be applicable to any other medium(s) you work in. You will have the option of painting along using the same photo reference as Susan.

This step-by-step method will provide an organized framework for your future pastel paintings taking the mystery out of where to start, what type of pastels to use. All levels are welcome. This workshop will be packed with information and fun!

About the artist: Fresh out of art school Susan worked as a freelance portrait artist for a Chicago chain of department stores. She didn’t know it then, but for the next 4 years she got the best ‘on the job’ training that she could, painting 25-minute portraits, all ages, all types!

A huge advantage to art school in downtown Chicago was exposure to the amazing Art Institute. She fell in love with the Impressionists and became completely smitten with the pastels of that era. Since there was very little instruction at that time in this medium, Susan decided to move to Woodstock, New York to study with Master Artist Albert Handell. It just so happened that Mr. Handell needed a studio assistant.

Mr. Handell not only taught Susan about pastels and oils, but also how to teach. He would have her follow him from easel to easel during his workshops. Listening to him answer students’ questions and watching his ‘hands on’ approach continues to influence how she teaches to this day.

After two years in New York, Susan opened her own studio in Chicago where she taught workshops and classes. This led to some years of traveling and teaching across the U.S. Another highlight of time back in Chicago was in the mid 1980’s when she had the good fortune of painting at the Palette and Chisel

Academy of Fine Art with another living Master Painter, Richard Schmid

Check out Susan’s website at www.susankuznitsky.com

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