Upcoming UART Workshops

Wish to learn more about specific pastel underpainting techniques on UART? Want to explore new techniques and learn from the masters? Then attend one of our UART workshops in your area! Our workshops are taught by some of the greatest pastel artists in the industry today. UART will provide free paper to each participant as well as offer special discounts from local and online participating retailers.

2-Day UART Workshop with Jill Stefani Wagner: “Underpainting to Make Your Pastel Artwork POP! – SOLD OUT!

Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Date: Saturday, April 7 and Sunday April 8 2018

In this workshop students will explore several different underpainting techniques that create permanent base layers for their pastel paintings. We will discuss which TECHNIQUES work best for different subject matters including landscapes, skyscapes and cityscapes.

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2-Day UART Workshop with Nancy Nowak: “Taking your Painting to the Next Level – SOLD OUT!

Location: Suwanee, GA
Date: Saturday April 7 and Sunday April 8 2018

Learn what it takes to not just duplicate a scene, but to interpret, strengthen, and elevate your landscape pastel paintings on UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper. Using different underpainting techniques, working with abstract shapes, shadow and light patterns, Nancy will help enhance your landscape paintings to take them to the next level.

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3-Day UART Workshop with Douglas Tweddale: “Living the Dream”

Location: Santa Fe, NM
Date: Saturday April 21 – Monday April 23, 2018

This special workshop for pastel artists is sponsored by UART Premium Pastel Paper. Based at the studio of Bonnie Berget, participants will enjoy three full days of painting at various scenic locations in and around the Santa Fe area.

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3-Day UART Workshop with Susan Kuznitsky: “The Power is in the Underpainting”

Location: Medford, OR
Date: Friday April 27 – Sunday April 29 2018

There are many ways and many benefits of using an underpainting on UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper. The type of underpainting depends on the subject and desired end effect. In this workshop we will explore several options. Using strong, vibrant colors but not filling up the tooth of the paper is a great way to create a base upon which to add many glorious layers of pastels.

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2-Day UART Workshop with Dave Kaphammer: “Fun with Painting Water!”

Location: Vernon, CT
Date: Saturday May 19 and Saturday May 20 2018

Painting water on UART! Whether the subject is quiet streams in the woods, boats and their reflections in a harbor, foliage reflecting on ponds, or waterways winding through marshes, water is a fascinating subject to paint. Water reflections are also a fun and approachable way to get into abstraction. It is not nearly as challenging as you would think to paint water!

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3-Day UART Workshop with Nancie King Mertz: “Pastels are Perfect for Plein Air”

Location: Wilmington, VT
Date: Friday June 1 – Sunday June 3, 2018

Join Nancie King Mertz, Master Pastelist, at The Wilmington Inn for a plein air workshop to capture the beautiful surrounding mountains and idyllic village in southern Vermont’s Deerfield Valley. Enjoy the immediacy of pastels in your plein air work as we complete 2 or more paintings each day on UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper.

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4-Day UART Workshop with Douglas Tweddale: “It’s All About Water”

Location: Long Beach Township, NJ
Date: Thursday September 6 – Sunday September 9 2018

Long Beach Island is surrounded by water in many of its most beautiful states – marshes, surf, inlets and salt flats. Often many artists avoid painting moving water because it can be intimidating. Indeed, painting moving water can be a challenge, yet there are some very effective practices to achieve loose and flowing water in your paintings.

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2-Day UART Workshop with Lyn Asselta“COLOR ON COLOR! Underpainting and basics for the pastel landscape”

Location: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Date: Saturday, November 3 and Sunday November 4 2018

A fun review for of landscape painting basics along with lots of underpainting practice! If you are new to pastel or just feel that you need an extra boost with your work, this workshop will address choosing more interesting compositions and formats, as well as using more exciting color in your work.

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