Upcoming UART Workshops

Wish to learn more about specific pastel underpainting techniques on UART? Want to explore new techniques and learn from the masters? Then attend one of our UART workshops in your area! Our workshops are taught by some of the greatest pastel artists in the industry today. UART will provide free paper to each participant as well as offer special discounts from local and online participating retailers.


3-Day UART Workshop with Otto Sturcke“Step by Step Still Life: An Approach to Classical Realism”

Location: Redondo Beach, CA
Date: Thursday March 14 – Saturday March 16, 2019

In this step-by-step workshop, Otto Stürcke shares time-honored techniques in combination with contemporary techniques to achieve effects to your fulfillment. Class will include morning lectures on different application approaches to suit your style along with key academic points to always keep in your art journey toolbox: Things like the importance of value, the visual phenomenon known as simultaneous contrast, the principles of light on objects, the misconception and versatility of the pastel medium, and the importance of composition and storytelling.

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2-Day UART Workshop with Lyn Asselta“COLOR ON COLOR! Underpainting and basics for the pastel landscape” – SOLD OUT!

Location: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Date: Friday, March 15 and Saturday March 16, 2019

A fun review for of landscape painting basics along with lots of underpainting practice! If you are new to pastel or just feel that you need an extra boost with your work, this workshop will address choosing more interesting compositions and formats, as well as using more exciting color in your work.

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2-Day UART Workshop with Marcia Holmes: “Abstract Basics-Discover the Abstract Artist in You!” – SOLD OUT!

Location: Metairie, LA
Date: Friday, March 15 and Saturday March 16, 2019

Discover a new direction for your art and create intriguing abstract expressionist paintings using UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper. Easily LOOSEN UP with under painting exercises that propel you to a new freedom in painting! With Marcia’s technique, you will use ink, gouache, watercolor and thinned oil paint as well as pastel….all together! Have FUN learning how to layer mark making and paint with artistic techniques that “break the rules”!

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3-Day UART Workshop with Susan Kuznitsky“It all Starts with the Underpainting”

Location: Oregon City, OR
Date: Friday April 5 – Sunday April 7, 2019

Follow Susan’s step-by-step approach from the underpainting to the finished piece using a photo reference. Several different underpainting approaches will be demonstrated along with plenty of individual attention at the easel. Learn how make good choices on composition and color when working from a photo reference to create powerful, emotional pastel paintings.

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2-Day UART Workshop with Jill Stefani Wagner“Finding Light and Inspiration in Your Photo References!” – SOLD OUT!

Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Date: Saturday, April 6 and Sunday April 7, 2019

In this workshop beginning to advanced students will explore ways to create unique, personal works of art based on their reference photos. Participants will learn how to find dynamic compositions with strong focal points and push color to enhance their vision. We will step away from the confinement of exact “copying” of reference materials and move toward finding our own interpretation of a scene.

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3-Day UART Workshop with Alain J. Picard: “Painterly Techniques on UART”

Location: Newtown, CT
Date: Thursday August 8 – Saturday August 10, 2019

This workshop, sponsored by UART, will empower you with successful strategies for loosening up your work, regardless of your subject matter, with bold marks and fresh color. We’ll journey through seven lessons to help you break through specific obstacles that have been limiting your creative growth. Focusing on practical approaches from start to finish, I’ll help you understand HOW to accomplish your goal of creating paintings that will both delight you and excite your viewers.

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3-Day UART Workshop with Nancie King Mertz: “Speed Up Your Plein Air Work with Pastels”

Location:  Chicago, IL
Date: Friday August 16 – Sunday August 18, 2019

Join Nancie King Mertz, Master Pastelist, at the Palette and Chisel Art Academy for a plein air UART workshop. Cityscapes can be very intimidating when working en plein air. Nancie’s rapid methods will enable you to edit, speed-up and free-up your work! She will focus on street scenes and parks in Chicago’s beautiful Gold Coast area. One or two paintings (or more!) will be completed each day, depending on your comfort level. Individual attention is stressed in this workshop rather than group lecture. Short demos (1-2 hrs) will be offered throughout the workshop to help clarify techniques, as needed.

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2-Day Workshop with Lisa Ober: “Pastel Pet Portraits to Put You Ahead of the Pack”

Location:  San Antonio, TX
Date: Saturday October 5 – Sunday October 6 2019

Lisa Ober, PSA, IAPS-MC, will guide you through her time-tested approach to pet portrait painting so you can create your own stunning and realistic pet portraits. Prepare to receive plenty of guidance, encouragement, and information in this jam-packed workshop.

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2-Day UART Workshop with Eve Miller: “T is for Texture”

Location:  Beaufort, SC
Date: Saturday October 5, and Sunday October 6, 2019

Join Eve Miller in the historical city of Beaufort, South Carolina. Eve will instruct daily demonstrations including how to gain the skills necessary to enhance landscape compositions, underpainting techniques and color theory.

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