Upcoming UART Workshops

Wish to learn more about specific pastel underpainting techniques on UART? Want to explore new techniques and learn from the masters? Then attend one of our UART workshops in your area! Our workshops are taught by some of the greatest pastel artists in the industry today. UART will provide free paper to each participant as well as offer special discounts from local and online participating retailers.

2-Day UART Workshop with Jill Stefani Wagner: “Finding Light and Inspiration in Your Photo References!”

Location: Rochester, MI
Date: Saturday March 28, and Sunday March 29, 2020

In this workshop beginning to advanced students will explore ways to create unique, personal works of art based on their reference photos. Participants will learn how to find dynamic compositions with strong focal points and push color to enhance their vision. We will step away from the confinement of exact “copying” of reference materials and move toward finding our own interpretation of a scene.

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2-Day UART Workshop with Marcia Holmes: “Abstracts-Tools To Make It Yours!”

Location: Matairie, LA
Date: Friday April 24, and Saturday April 25, 2020

Join Marcia Holmes and discover a new direction for your art and create intriguing abstract expressionist paintings using UART Premium Sanded Pastel Paper. Easily LOOSEN UP with under painting exercises that propel you to a new freedom in painting!

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